I’m not a runner…

August 8th, 2012 in Blog by 3 Comments

I’m not a runner, or at least I wasn’t. I never thought I would end up being someone who could be identified as being a runner. Each time I think about this, I keep having a ‘who are you and what have you done with Alister?’ moment. It’s just not me, and yet here I am, getting up early, lacing up my shoes and heading out into the darkness and cold to go running; again and again and again.

One of the things I truly love about running are the sunrises.

My run last Wednesday was a personal achievement at 13km’s as the longest run I have done. (*Tough Mudder didn’t count) That was until Sunday when our ‘little training run’ raged out of control and ended up at 20.82km. Just 190m short of my goal half marathon distance for October. With 10 weeks till the Melbourne Marathon, now the question has been raised. Do I just keep training to get faster and more comfortable at the half marathon distance, or do I put my head down and see if I can turn 21km into 42km in 10 weeks.  (evil grin)

After Tough Mudder, and a little worse for wear.

*Tough Mudder didn’t count as a proper run. Sure it was 19km long, but there was so much standing around waiting for people on obstacles that it really didn’t classify as a proper run. At the time, I was struggling to run more than 2km without falling in a heap, yet managed to get through Tough Mudder without too much issue.

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The funniest thing about writing this post is that it is a rainy day, and I am lying in bed with the man flu, and the only thing I can think about it that I want to go out for a run. I need help…



This mean you’ll sell me your bike?

Dick Desert


Ha ha – love this post. Totally relate.

Well not on the need to do 42km, but in the I’m not a runner – I’m a runner crap. 🙂

Jillian Walker