So i need a wheel balance, steering alignment and to learn how to drive, but #osmo + #rc = fun

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Every now and then, you just need to have a bit of fun.

August 18th, 2016 in Blog by 1 Comment

I do love tinkering with gear. The best tinkering is when it’s just done for fun. The best ideas come out of fooling around. Today’s fooling around was based on the idea of trying to attach my DJI Osmo to my Remote Control Truck. I didn’t have high hopes, but it was an expedition that got me out of the edit suite for an hour or so, and was a great change of thinking style and pace.
First up, i pulled the covers off the car to measure up the mounting points to get an idea of how large a piece of sheet metal i needed. Then off to the hardware store to grab metal, and a few spare R clips for holding everything down.

A few drilled holes later, and a little bit of stuffing about and i’ve got a working RC camera car.  I’ve got plenty ideas of how to refine this to make it a lot more functional, but for now it’s a whole bagload of Osmo + RC truck = fun.

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This is so cool, well done on creating a functional toy… Lol

Susan Young