30 days without Social Media. An experiment.

June 19th, 2012 in Blog by 7 Comments

Ok, so I read an article this morning by Steve Corona (CTO @ Twitpic) about giving up Social Media for 30 days and it struck a chord.  You can read the article here.  http://stevecorona.com/how-30-days-without-social-media-changed-my-life
So rather than doing the usual thing of waiting till the end of the month for this kind of adventure or waiting till the time is right, I am going to have a crack at this starting today. now. right now… (well almost)

The plan is to switch off social media for 30 days.  Delete the twitter & facebook apps from my iPhone and iPad, log out of facebook on my laptop & desktop and maybe even get my partner to change the password.  The plan is to remove myself from the daily flotsam and jetsam of micro-blogging contributors.  Reduce the noise and hopefully allow myself to get a bit of clarity.  Remove the chatter and allow thoughts to develop fully.

It doesn’t mean I wont contribute on these platforms, but if I do it will be via syndication; ie. I post a blog on one of my WordPresses and it auto posts to twitter and facebook – and hopefully this will be in some more meaningful way than my usual idle banter.

Now I may falter, weaken and succumb to the temptation that is the constant 24hr instant gratification that is social media, and I am hoping that my friends will stand by me and tell me to get off social media and stay the course of the project.

If you need to get in touch with me, or feel like you are missing my input on something important, there will still be ways to get in touch.  You could always email me, call me or do something crazy like arrange to catch up for a coffee or lunch.  If you don’t have those details, you should be able to get in touch with my via this site.

This should be interesting.  Giddy up!

Author: Alister

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Great idea Alister, wishing you clarity & peace of mind – and more productivity!



Isn’t this blog considered social media though?



Thanks Saleh. Clarity and peace of mind is what I am aiming for. I will be interested to see the results. Cheers!



In a way it is, but the blog doesn’t have the same instant gratification and constant input / output / noise of twitter. Already this morning, I have been able to sit and think for a while without having trains of thought fractured by constantly checking twitter and facebook. It’s quite interesting.



But you’re going to miss all the nifty Audi stuff I’m working on. 😉

Steve C


So, the person above me is not the real Steve Corona. I do love Audis, though. Congrats on your social media hiatus, I hope it’s as successful for you as it was for me.

Cheers for the comment Steve. I realise that you probably got a trackback notification, but I still appreciate that you took a few moments. The other Steve C is a friend of mine in the USA who is editing some Audi spots. Not an imposter, just another Steve C.

The first day of the hiatus has been interesting. 10 minutes after I disconnected here in Melbourne, we had an earthquake which saw me immediately diving to reinstall a twitter client to check what was going on. 10 minutes later I disconnected again… I think the hardest thing so far has been the late night work session. I’m on a project that has kept me working late (it’s 4.45am here) and usually the chatter of the overseas twitter folk would keep me company through the long, long night. Still, I have appreciated the clarity that has come from disconnecting. Day 1 done. Onwards to day 2… and time to get some sleep.

Cheers! Al.

and if you like Audi’s, you are amongst friends.